Loan is the story of Jarmallath Saahn and her brother Diego as they fight to overthrow the tyrannical Ssar. They are joined in their by the turned enemy agent Jazz and welcomed by the revolutionary army know as the Broken Circle.

The first draft of Loan is roughly 60% complete at this stage.

Link to the Prologue page


One of the potential opening scenes for the story. Jar and Diego start out on their first mission.

Link to the Art Gallery page

Art Gallery

Artwork I have drawn about the Loan story and its characters over the years.

Also included is the draft work done for a potential Loan Comic.

Link to the Fanart and Commissions

Fanart and Commissions

Loan has been blessed by some beautiful fanart over the years.

In addition I have commissioned some beautiful artwork by artists I admire, primarily of the character Jazz.