Artwork by Jessie Zhou

sPerth: Of Gamers and Gods

A Homestuck fanfiction starring my best friends.

William Moore

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Personal blog about projects and my studies.

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The country of Arenarum is torn apart by civil war. Join the revolutionaries as theyh struggle to overthrow the false god Ssar. (Part way complete)

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Jonus Sharp and the Shelley Revolt

Follow intergalactic private eye Jonus Sharp as he seeks out a dangerous terrorist on the planet of Shelley-5. (Draft work begun)

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All 6 Cylinders

Two warring crime lords hold a competition to divide up New Orleans and the young orphan Ed Opsag decides to take his shot at the big leagues.(Complete)

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Deviant Art Battle Royale

Alice Carter finds herself stranded on a jungle island by a shady military organisation. With her life on the line can she find it within herself to kill.(Complete)

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Willow Hill Asylum

Hell breaks loose in a decrepit asylum. On being committed Ron Stephens is confronted by an ancient puppet promising answers. He breaks out and goes on the hunt. He is not the only one.