William Moore

Personal Story

I am a studying programmer and practicing storyteller with plans to work in Game Design and publish novels. I am currently studying Computer Science at Goldsmiths University in London, though I hail originally from Australia. While still back home I completed a Bachelor of Arts and left a Bachelor of Law incomplete.

Despite my current lack of experience I am very passionate about my goals and have laid significant groundwork on some of them (particularly my first novels, some of which are showcased here). I am also working on my first computer game with my brother Thomas.



I have studied at:


Business Experience

I have been working in various jobs (mostly part time due to my studies) for the past 7 years:

  • SEO and Social Media Manager for Ecotine.co.uk 2015
  • Neoteric UK (Content Writer) 2015
  • Maplin Electronics (Electronics Retailer) 2014
  • iiNet (Internet Service Provider) 2013
  • Dyslexia SPELD Foundation (Running a bookstore and its website) 2011-2012
  • Harvey Norman (Electronics Retailer) 2010-2011
  • Nandos (Restaurant) 2008-2009